Are You Waiting?

Waiting is an art if you know how to find the beauty in it.

Nothing comes without a waiting period. Not your food (even the restaurant makes you wait for your order to be processed), not your tea (your water has to boil), not your plants (they need to grow), not your shopping (choices have to be made), not your baby (pregnancy first) and certainly not love. You must wait. ALWAYS.

Now what you do while you wait determines how successful your wait was. Your waiting time is your PREPARATION PERIOD. It is the time you spend learning yourself, defining yourself, identifying your priorities, building your strengths, cleansing yourself, emancipating your thoughts from the shackles society places on you.

Waiting is an art, if you learn to grow while waiting. Otherwise, it is all a waste. You would repeat the same mistakes, you will go into the future with raging ghosts from your past.

Love is waiting for you, don’t disappoint it by remaining the same.

There’s nothing more common than a beautiful woman. But what’s uncommon is a woman cloaked in her feminity, firm in her convictions and unafraid to be different.

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