Vision Boards

A vision board is any surface that displays images of your deepest desires and goals. Your vision board could be on your mirror, fridge, an actual board or the screensavers/wall papers on your phone or computer. Now, your goal or deepest desire may be to maintain a happy home, or keep getting awards which you might have already won, it is okay to put pictures of you having done this on your vision board as a visual reminder of your goal or purpose which is to maintain the pace.

A Vision Board aligns you with the Universe as it activates all your sensors to create positive vibes. Every time I really look at my Vision Board, I ARTICULATE that is; I Acknowledge, Reflect, Think, Identify, Calculate, Understand, Listen, Align, Think again and Empower myself thus creating positive energies that energise and strengthen me for the achievement of my goal(s).

Before I met my husband, I created vision boards around my bedroom to realign it’s feng shui and attract the universe to align with my desires. I got artwork that represented unity, peace, joy, love, marriage and fertility. These were what I was trying to attract so it only made sense to create diverse Vision Boards across the room that represented my goals.

If you do not have a Vision Board and you are serious about changing your life, now is the time to create one!

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